How to apply Keratin Hair Treatments Straightening at home

There are differents kind of keratin hair treatments in the market, one better than another.

This keratin hair treatments basically make your hair straightener and brilliant.

Do you know what is keratin hair treatments? Im going to explain to you next.

hair treatments

Keratin hair treatments are very popular for hair straightener

What is keratin hair treatments?

Most of Keratin hair treatments are elaborated with keratin, collagen and aminoacids. This mixs of products stops aging of the hair cells caused by the continued application of heat, the sun, pool and beach.

The application of this treatment results in a soft, manageable and with natural shine.

How many times I can use it

Generally the frequency of use depends the brand of the treatment that you are using it. I usually use it every three months to recover the dyed hair.

How to apply keratin treatments

Keratin treatments should be aplly for a professional in the area preferably; however there are some brands that can be applied keratin treatment at home.

Now the steps to apply keratin hair treatments at home:

Step 1. Wash your hair with shampoo unsalted three times. In the last application leave the shampoo act for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

This will cause the hair cuticle to dilate allowing treatment to act from the inside out.

Then removes excess of water with a towel, you can help you with a dryer at medium temperature or brush until it is completely dry.

Step 2. Divide your hair into sections from the bottom of the head to the front. It´s recommended in group of six to eight strands depending on the abundance of your hair.

Step 3. Start the treatment is as if a dye and leaving 0,5 inch from the root without applying product. Massage with fingers until you reach the ends.

Let it sit on the hair for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the thickness of hair.

Step 4. Dry your hair with a dryer from root to tip. You can also go drying with hot hair while you comb your hair with a comb fine bristles resistent to heat.

Step 5. Then proceed to iron the hair, pass the hair iron 10 to 12 times per strand from root to tip. Do not exceed the hair iron 450°

Step 6. After ironing wait 60 minutes to rinse with cold water. If your hair is dry or damaged you can leave the product for 3 days and the third day re-ironing you hair, leave for 60 minutes and rinse with cold water. And now you have a straightening hair !


  • To keep the brightness for longer each time you wash, do it with cold water.
  • If you want to cot or dye you should do before applying keratin hair treatments.
  • In dyed hair is recommended to withdraw the same day.

Do you want to see the results?

Here it is…

Case 1: Before and After…

Medium hair, wavy and dyed hair. See the results…

hair treatments Keratin treatments

Case 2: Before and After Keratin treatments

Medium hair, very wavy and dyed hair

hair treatments Keratin treatments


Case 3: Before and After Keratin treatments

Long hair. Never dyed, thick and dry hair

hair treatments Keratin treatments

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